Slitter Rewinder Machine

Specifications for Slitline 35

Position , type of unwind Separate
Maximum web width 1300 mm
Maximum unwind diameter 1000 mm
Unwind core inner diameter 75 mm (150 mm Optional)
Maximum rewind diameter 450 mm
Rewind core inner diameter 75 mm
Minimum slit width 50 mm
Maximum machine speed 350 m/min
Unwind Axial Movement ± 50 mm
Materials Handled
Plain, coated or metallized films 12 – 200 microns
Film, foil or paper laminates 12 – 200 microns
Paper & Board 40 – 200 gsm

Features for Slitline 35

PLC Drive Automation

Entire machine is controlled and supervised by PLC/PPC. This automation system maintains tight synchronization between PLC/PPC and drives, providing fast, reliable, and errorless communication. Master control panel consists touch screen operator interface located at rewind side

Sturdy Framing

Carefully and methodically machined strong and sturdy heavy duty steel frame structure machined on CNC-VMC, maintains accuracy over long dependable life. Distinctively designed structure ensures less vibration even with optimum line speed. All components undergo extensive tests to ensures optimum performance and longer life of the machine.

Tension Control System

Automatic web tension control system on unwind equipped with pneumatic reel lifting system consists of latest generation AC digital drive and motor with a pair of load-cell. The system maintains tension precisely throughout the reel run up to the core diameter.

Web Aligner

Digital web guiding system maintains precision alignment of the web entering the draw unit. The web is guided by edge and printed (continuous or broken) lines. The system consists of camera based digital web guiding system with a linear correction of +- 50mm.

Differential Winding System

Hi-performance differential winding system utilizing ‘Ball lock’ units, ensures constant tension regardless of different width of the reel being rewound on the same shaft. Normal web profile variation is automatically compensated by the differential winding system. It also increases productivity and minimizes ‘downtime.’

Lay-on Rollers

Each rewinder is equipped with pneumatically operated lay-on assembly, consists of rubber rollers and backing rollers on a pair of arms

Slit Reel Unloading

Pneumatically operated shaft supporting arms facilitate quick unloading of the slit reels from differential shafts

Slitting Method

The machine is well equipped with Razor in Air and Rotary blade in Groove Roller Slitting mechanisms.

Additional Features

  • Laser light for better positioning of cores during changeovers.
  • Camera based web guiding control system
  • Vaccum suction trim blower.
  • Camera based viewing of unwind section
  • Hydraulic reel lifting system (optional)
  • Rewind roll unloading stand